How I Feel About Forgiveness – Lori – 05.16.19

Daily Inspirational Message – 05.16.19

How I Feel About Forgiveness

How I feel about forgiveness - Lori Savage - 05.16.19

Lori Savage

Today, I like to talk about forgiveness. Laurence Sterne said, Only the brave know how to forgive.” I think many people are hesitant to forgive because there’s a sense of being vulnerable. In general, vulnerability is something most of us tend to avoid. I think many of us believe if we forgive, we’re opening ourselves up to being hurt again.

Brené Brown says, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity.” If we want greater clarity in our purpose. Deeper or more meaningful spiritual life, vulnerability is the path. I would add forgiveness is the bridge that leads to the path.

Forgiveness is definitely a journey

I love the expression that unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. As we go along our journey of forgiveness. Let go of the resentment, put down the poison. Be willing to forgive, to forgive without condition, to see that there is nothing to forgive.

Now, how can I say that there’s never anything to forgive. I mean, sounds a little crazy, right? But hear me out, behind the experience of needing to forgive is a belief that says things happened to me rather than through me. When you understand that life can only happen through you, well that’s a powerful place to live from. This doesn’t mean I don’t have preferences or I need to ever put myself in harm’s way. It doesn’t discount the sermon.

How I feel about forgiveness is based on what I believe to be true about the world God and how things work. So if I believe in a spiritual law that works mathematically and perfectly and that this law reflects back to me exactly what I put into it and I do.

I have to understand nothing shows up in my life without my being in alignment with it

Kind of good news, bad news things So now I’m not saying we would ever consciously invite people to treat us badly, but what it does mean is when something shows up that I don’t like. There’s something in my belief system that’s in alignment with what I’m experiencing. It can be no other way. And I would add, there’s always something to see in any situation. This is the path we’ve chosen.

My friends, if you’re listening to this, there’s something in you that resonates to this truth. Life is always unfolding perfectly according to our belief. I invite you to take the bridge and forgiveness to the path of vulnerability and to fuel your journey with love, understanding, joy, and above all else freedom. Namaste.

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