How to be an artist – Dr. Joe – 01.10.19

How to be an artist

Daily Inspirational Message – 01.10.19

How to be an artist - Dr. Joe - 01.10.19

Dr. Joe Hooper | Spiritual Director

You know, if you want to be an artist, it’s not just about techniques. It’s not about learning methods. It’s not about how to set up a canvas or how to draw an outline. And It’s not about how to mix the colors. Those are all parts and aspects of being an artist, but an artist, someone who feels, someone who creates. And our life is literally the canvas and we’re the artists.

How are you doing that?

Are you learning the techniques? Are you learning the methods? And are you actually applying what you’ve learned? You can have a lot of book knowledge, but it requires you to apply those things. Anyone can learn techniques. Anyone can learn methods and how to mix things up. But the master creator is the person who takes those feelings and takes those methods and those techniques and applies them into their own lives and creates something to be. It just doesn’t happen organically. It doesn’t happen by you just thinking about things. And It requires you to actually put it on the canvas.

Take the first step, and then the second one, and then the third one, and allow yourself to create the life of your dreams. But you have to do more than just accumulate the paint, the canvas, and the techniques. You have to do something about it. Grab your paintbrush, paint your day! Have a good one. We’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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