How to build your self-esteem – Memie – 04.10.19

Daily Inspirational Message – 04.10.19

How to build your self-esteem

Memie Nichols

Memie Nichols

Today, I would like to begin with a question. Do you have any idea on how to build your self-esteem? The key to starting this process is to recognize that self-esteem, self-love, self-worth. Whatever you feel drawn to calling it. It is a seed that grows only when it’s watered to begin growing your seed. The very first thing is to recognize you deserve to be loved. You deserve to love yourself. Sounds like a simple thing to do, right? Well, the truth is one of the things we struggle with most in life is being true to ourselves.

When we have been hurt in the past, we sometimes hide parts of ourselves so that we can protect ourselves from being hurt again. One of the main reasons I talk about loving yourself is that when we practice this act, we developed a certain trust that brings us closer to being true and honest to ourselves.

Then we must begin to trust

Many times we find that we’re unsure of our feelings. We constantly second-guessed our decisions or we make them based on others around us. Why are we so willing to trust others? But not ourselves. Sometimes it can be very difficult to not suppress your true self and the world that is so quick to judge or compare you to others. We learn from our culture or parents and we start to judge ourselves constantly because that’s what we were taught. Sad but true. There is no wrong way or right way to build self-esteem. Your inner child or inner compass, it’s there to guide you, trust it. Love yourself, and always be true to the best version of who you are. Being true to yourself Is a constant decision that we make daily. We are not defined by the mistakes that we make.

Allow yourself to let go of your negative talk and simply let God. When you do this, you will notice many powerful shifts inside of yourself and in your life. Today, make it a point to love yourself and be that great and confident person you know you are. Thank you.

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