Daily Inspirational Message – 03.20.19

I Turn To Prayer

Brad Wentker

Brad Wentker

Please join me in knowing as I read a prayer from the book by Tracy Brown, it’s called, I turn to prayer. I believe in the unlimited nature of the universe. There is no limit to any energy of God, including the energy known as money. The energy is known as safety and security, the energy known as joy. The energy is known as love and the energy known as freedom. I am the physical manifestation of an idea that begins in the mind of God. I’m completely connected with all energies of God. There is nothing that can create a lasting separation between all that is a God and all that is me. I am happy and grateful to receive a steady and never-ending flow of money from expected and unexpected sources. My financial wealth allows me to live a life of joy and generosity.

God is the source of all wealth and through me, God encourages, challenge and support many people on earth. I am a ready and willing vessel of wealth accepting my riches and sharing my excess with people in programs that aligned with my passion. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience financial freedom and to express love by funding those who need my support. I’m grateful to live in an unlimited Universe funded by the Divine source of all things good. I released this prayer, the Divine law, and allow it to work in me as me and through me, and so it is. Amen.

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