Daily Inspirational Message 03.12.19

Sometimes joy is the source of your smile

Today’s idea for spiritual contemplation is sometimes joy is the source of your smile. Sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy from the Great Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Happiness and joy are not the same things. Happiness is an emotion that’s like all emotions come and goes. Well, joy is a fundamental feeling and attitude towards life is permanently part of our consciousness. I recently read a statement that was very meaningful to me. I would like to share with you. It’s not as important what you turn from as what you turned towards. Turning away from what is happening around us is not as important to our happiness and joy as turning towards that which up illicit from within. Creativity, joy and the spirit of life.

My affirmation for today is I know nothing that can interfere with my joy for I am an instrument of the divine to which life flows. I say yes to my joy and so it is.

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