Karl Anthony

Karl AnthonyKarl Anthony, a musician whose career has spanned more than three decades and taken him all over the globe. His performances feature a synthesis of eastern and western musical styles, such as the infusion of kirtan call-and-response chants. These are mixed in with a little acoustic rock and Karl’s amazing story telling.

Anthony says, “singing together is a pathway to pure joy and a quiet acceptance of the bitter sweetness of life.” As a healing arts artist, flowing with what is needed is a necessary talent. Rady's Children’s Hospital is where Karl Anthony sings when he is not on the road touring. In a hospital setting each room entered requires special sensitivity and a welcoming and nurturing personality.

He became part of the hospital’s Healing Arts Department where he and other artists work closely with hospital staff to facilitate the very best supportive conditions for whole and proper healing. Karl Anthony is a producer, songwriter and singer but more than that he is a facilitator of authentic connection with music.

Anthony has received several Gandhi/King Season For Nonviolence Peace Hero Awards for his humanitarian efforts and innovative music. His studio recordings include, All Of Us, recorded at Capital studios and the cd titled India, the first of his Mantra Series. Karl also has a Mantra DVD captured live with his full band and has produced a music series focused on character education for children titled, Strike-AChord with KIDS.

Anthony’s latest project is called Hold The Sky, inspired by the search for authentic human connection and discovered by a child in a hospital bed. Karl does not take the traditional entertainment industry path, he creates anthems of hope and believes music can be a comfort for all humanity.

Karl Anthony’s music and his career crosses countless boundaries and is truly an international language of service. He is a welcomed reminder that it is possible to enjoy what you do and even possible to inspire others to express the music inside themselves. karlanthony.com

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