Law Of Perfect Action – Dr. Joe –  05.19.19

Daily Inspirational Message –  05.19.19

Law Of Perfect Action

Law of perfect action

Dr. Joe Hooper | Spiritual Director

Raymond Charles Barker said, “The more you divorce yourself from limiting the creative power and the more you know yourself as that power and action. The greater your achievement, spirituality, mentally, emotionally, and materially.” Says it all.

The more we divorce ourselves from any kind of limiting the creative power. The more we allow ourselves to distance ourselves to say the universe is limited or I am limited the greater potential we have. He even has the prayer for it.

He said, “I am forever part of living spirit. The creative power of God indwells me and acts through me. This word which I now declare as the law of perfect action. The full action of infinite mind now move through my consciousness and accomplishes the desires of my heart. In me, God is my health, peace, love, and self-expression. In my world, God is order, harmony, and ever-expanding good. I recognize myself as the inlet and outlet of God. The one eternal mind.”

It’s going to be a great day at the Center. It’s called Pick-A-Page. If you’d never know where the talk is going to go. We’ll see many of you in just a few hours for those that we don’t. You can join us for the live stream at 9 or 11. Have a great day. Talk to you tomorrow.

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