Rev. Dale Olansky
Rev. Dale Olansky

In traditional Chinese culture, Qi (pronounced “chi”) is believed to be the vital life force of any living entity. It is the invisible energy that is pure, revitalizing, life-supporting and nourishing, and it circulates throughout our body and mind. In order to maintain optimum health, our Qi needs to be flowing without obstruction. When our Qi is blocked, our health declines.

I recently had an experience where I became very aware that my Qi was blocked. After receiving an adjustment from my chiropractor, I felt my energy flowing throughout my entire body, and I realized it hadn’t been doing so prior to that moment. I had been more constricted than I knew, and it wasn’t until I felt that flow of energy that I realized how out of alignment I was.

The same thing happens to us spiritually. When our Divine Energy is blocked, we become constricted, and we suffer as a result. As we go about living our lives, we may not even realize that we are out of spiritual alignment. When life gets challenging, we can easily slip out of alignment with our Divine Energy because we are focused on negative conditions. This causes unhappiness and dis-ease because we are blocking the very life force that gives us the ability to walk through any experience with peace, grace and ease. We end up accepting living this way because we become used to it and resign to this constricted way of being. However, it is unnatural for us to live like that because our nature is to live in joy and harmony which is supplied by Divine Energy.

There are many ways we can spiritually adjust ourselves and restore the flow of our Divine Energy. You can reach out to a Practitioner or a Minister, engage in a fun activity, do something creative, and of course, do your daily spiritual practices. Participating in anything that makes you feel alive, joyful and connected is a great way to get your Divine Qi flowing.

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