Life Gives Us A Chance To Do it Even Better- Dr. Joe

Daily Inspirational Message – 04.17.18

Life Gives Us A Chance To Do it Even Better- Dr. Joe - 04.17.18

Dr. Joe Hooper | Spiritual Director

Many times in life it gives us another chance to get an opportunity to not repeat something, but to do something even better, so go for it. Move ahead. Just take the chance. Dive off and make it happen. If life presents you with a certain situation. It looks good. Give it a shot. Go for it. Don’t turn it away. You may not have to have all the answers at the moment and you may not have to be perfect and at the onset, but just know that all you have to do is take that first step and decide. “You know what? This is worth going for it and I am going for it. It’s something I want in my life, it’s something I want to achieve in my life and something I want to have in my experience.” So if it shows up, don’t worry about the details. God will send the details. All you need to do is show up and go for it. Allow yourself to experience the joy of that action of taking responsibility and grabbing your own authority and stepping into it and making something wonderful happen in your world. Then and only then we realized the joy of action. Divine right action of the perfect kind. Just go for it. Take it. You have it. It’s yours. Have a great Tuesday and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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