Memie Nichols
Memie Nichols

Let me ask you a question? Are you ready to be wealthy??? Do you know what genuine wealth is? Understand that wealth is a state of consciousness, an expanding awareness of having.

When you have right understanding of who and what you are, you recognize you have all that you need. I am talking about a universal law at work here. In using the law of life, look also to the first commandment, “Thou shalt not have any other Gods before me.” When applied to a prosperity teaching, this means not to look to any other source but Spirit for your good.

Look nowhere but within to God-consciousness for your good. If you are waiting for the cosmic tumbler to fall into place for you to hit the lottery, to get the right job, the hot relationship, the McMansion, you are worshipping a false god on the altar of your consciousness. As you move through the rhythm of your day, don’t turn to secondary causative factors for your good. Go directly to Frist Cause, which is God. When you are attuned to the only power, life, and source that there is, everything works together for your good. Your life will magnify the Law and you will live on the luxurious lap of Spirit.

Affirmation: The abundance of the Spirit flows in and through me. I am a vehicle of its self-giveness.

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