Memie Nichols, RScP
Memie Nichols
Love, The Power to Change Everything

Love is more than a sentiment; it is a need, a hunger, a thirst which is perfectly natural. Anyone who thinks they can live and be happy, does not know what he or she is talking about- psychologically, emotionally, physiologically, or spiritually. Love is the beginning and the end, the one sentiment in nature that will not be denied.

   Love alone shall discover the heart of God at the heart of man; love alone shall reveal the Self to the self, and find enthroned in the high citadel of the secret place of God in our own heart that beneficence which embraces the whole world. When love’s activity is no longer confined to the littleness that restricts, but extends to everything and everyone, than shall we hear its song sung throughout the circuits of our lives.

   Love is the highest principle that life has to give us because it is Life acting in unity with itself. It can never act any other way. We act contrariwise and build up liabilities, stifling the healing currents of that Power, which is the healing Power in the world. Why? Because we are afraid that it is not practical to love—to love one another.

   I believe love is the greatest healing motivating power in the universe, because love is givenness. I do not think we can pray and effectual prayer or be a good human being without love. It is the only thing that unbinds the captive, penetrates the wall of obscurity, and sets the captive free from the prison.

Affirmation: The love of the all good is within me and through me. That love goes out to all that goes into my atmosphere. My love within me is perfect, and Thy love with me is perfect.

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