Manifesting All You Want In Life
Rev. Rebecca
Rev. Rebecca

Welcome to Dial An Idea for Thursday.  I am Reverend Rebecca Venkatraman.

Today’s idea for spiritual contemplation is –

Better keep yourself clean and bright – “You are the window through which you see the world”.  George Bernard Shaw

What would you most like to be, to feel, or to see in the world?  Whatever we strongly imagine – is being drawn into our lives.

By living each day in the spirit of what we want, as if we are already there, we are actively participating with the universe in the creation of it.

First we must know what we want, then we must get into the feeling of it, as if it already exists in our live.  A well-imagined experience is just as real as if we were living it right now.  But, we must feel it.  When this is so, we are not creating a fantasy world, but acknowledging the partnership we have with spirit.

Our thinking must be clear of self-limiting ideas and negative beliefs about our possibilities.

Then we will be able to see that by doing the best we can in each moment we are always bringing the highest and best into the world.

The affirmation for today is;

Today I set clear intentions for my life.  I keep mind clear of negativity and I choose wisely, knowing that I am guided each day in the choices I make for my highest good

And so it is!

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