Our true birthright

Daily Inspirational Message – 02.04.19

Freedom is the birthright of every living soul - Dale Olansky - 02.04.19

Dale Olansky

One of the greatest gifts that Ernest Holmes gave to us, is the ability to free ourselves from restriction, from the belief in lack and limitation. To live our lives in freedom. In the Science of Mind, he says, freedom is the birthright of every living soul. All instinctively feel this. I know that deep within all of us, there is that wisdom. Know that it is our birthright to live in freedom, and we’re not born to live in limitation and lack. Live the life of our dreams.

We were born to live in abundance

We were born to live in happiness and joy. That is our true birthright. Ernest Holmes gave us the ability to pray affirmatively, to know that if something is on our heart to live and experience. The Universe always says yes. We have this creative energy of spirit that is our energy. It is ours to direct as we pleased. It manifests as happiness, financial prosperity, and abundance, creative flow, and loving relationships. Ernest Holmes taught us to step up and to take that freedom. Live in it, proclaim it, and experience it. If there’s anything on your heart that you are ready to live into, affirm it, know it, and allow it to be your experience. That’s what Ernest Holmes taught us, to live in the freedom of the soul. Have a wonderful Monday.

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