Singer/songwriter/composer/producer/artist from Pennsylvania.

Tour with the rock band “Spirit” from 1983 until guitarist Randy California’s death in 1997.

Scott composed and produced for Sonic Productions – film and TV, documentaries and international projects.

Went on to compose for National Geographic television for their “Explorer” series and several documentaries & PBS specials; formed his own company Monahan Music providing television ads for New York Times TV, Mattel, National Geographic, ESPN and Discovery Channel.

Formed Jingles Jane with his wife Janis Liebhart providing jingles for Clear Channel, and they perform live recently her in the Coachella Valley as a duo, “Fun With Dick & Jane Band” as well as a rock group, “JJ Govner.” Scott has also been a member of the band “The Malibooz” for over 30 years and features Walter Egan; they recently played at the Cavern in Liverpool.