Michael Curcuru, RScP

This is Practitioner Michael Curcuru.

Center for Spiritual Living, Palm Desert.

Today’s Dial an Idea: “Seeds of Freedom.”

Ernest Holmes writes in the Science of Mind text, “The seed(s) of freedom must be planted in the inner

most being of man, but, like the Prodigal Son, man must make the great discovery for himself.”

The true seeds of freedom are our inner most loving thoughts, loving words, and loving imagined

actions, which we plant in the inner most soil of our soul, which then out picture as a life of liberty.

A life of liberty of abundant prosperity.  A life of liberty of co-creative expression. 

A life of liberty of peace of mind.  A life of liberty of perfect physical well-being.

There is a story told, that when God created seeds of freedom, he desired to plant them in a place

where they would not be too easily found, for if too easily found, he felt they wouldn’t be appreciated.

He thought of hiding the seeds of freedom in the sea, in the sky, in the earth.  Yet he felt humanity

would to easily, and too soon explore the depths of the ocean, take to flight in the air, and dig

deep into the earth.  At last God thought the last place man would look was within himself.

So, God planted the seeds of freedom within the heart and soul of man.  For man, like the Prodigal Son

looked to the world of riches without, instead of the infinite wealth of as in heaven within.

Mr. Rogers says, “Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort.”

What seeds of freedom are waiting to be discovered, waiting to be nourished, waiting to bloom,

from the within of your heart, your soul, your true imagination?

This Memorial Day, and everyday this week, I invite you to nourish, and to harvest,

 the seeds of freedom, ever present, powerful, loving, already in your heart and soul.

Be well.  Shelter in Grace.  Namaste.

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