Lori Savage, RScP

This week the “Sensational Six” will be discussing Self compassion – so it has been on my mind and in my heart. Why is it that Self Compassion can be so challenging at times, even for people who are compassionate towards others? I read somewhere that the journey to self-compassion can be the most challenging part of being on a spiritual path. I do not know if that is true, but I know for me it is something I have had to pay attention to and lean into. 

I think the challenge, in part, comes from our tendency to compare ourselves to others, to measure our worth based on someone else’s journey. Comparison and the desire to categorize pretty much everything is hard-wired, it is a function of our brains –a function of being human. It is an effect, but we are not an effect, we experience effects, but that is not who we are. We are not our brains or our bodies; they are simply reflections of the way we have used our minds up until this moment. 

It helps to move away from the idea of good and bad and instead view things as useful or not useful or constructive or not constructive. The first mode invites reaction, the second invites observation and questioning. We live in a universe that creates without judgment. This is what we teach, and it is what science has proven, which is pretty awesome. 

From this vantage point self-compassion becomes non-negotiable because acceptance and self-compassion allows us to view our lives from the level of love rather than from the level of effect. It frees up our energy so that we can create the life we choose. 

So, the question is are you willing to be compassionate with yourself? Are you willing to love yourself, no matter what? Practice radical and unconditional Self- Compassion this week – and let us know what you notice.



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