Cheryl Guess
Cheryl Guess RScP

Hi, this is Cheryl Guess, a Practitioner at the Center for Spiritual Living, in Palm Desert,California.

I would like to share an exert from Dr. James Mellon’s book Spiritual Boot
When we pay attention to our behavior, we begin to notice patterns.
These patterns are being created by our beliefs. Our core beliefs are
those things that we have developed since birth. We go through stages of
belief. First, we inherit the beliefs of our parents or influential adults in our
lives. We then often abandon those beliefs to search for our own individual
beliefs. As we mature, we develop beliefs based on experience. These
beliefs are now embedded in our personality and life patterns develop
based on what we have accepted as our belief system.
How are your beliefs enhancing your life? Ask yourself, “Is this what I really believe, or just what I have been told or taught?” Take a little time and figure out what beliefs need to be release and replace, or kept. It is a great spiritual growth

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