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Still, Small Voice

Gail Morton
Gail Morton

As a Practitioner, many have asked me, “just what is this still, small voice that we speak about?” Well, that phrase, which is actually from the Bible, is a most poetic way of describing the Divine Guidance within every one of us, actually through all that has been created. It is that inner knowing faculty in all of us. In animals, we sometimes call it instinct.

We generally experience it as a sense, or an impression, feeling the presence of a definite inner knowing or decision, as it teaches us through our intuitive centers. Or it may seem silently to form words in our awareness, giving us the information we desire to know. In some cases, I have actually heard with my inner ear the words spoken for my guidance. We are all centers of God-consciousness, and the more we remember this truth about ourselves, the more we develop our natural powers of inner knowing.

Consider today, relying just a little bit more upon inner guidance in your daily life experiences and tomorrow, consider relying just a little bit more. You get the pattern. The more you rely on this inner guidance in your daily life experiences, the keener your perceptions will be of the “still, small voice” through which your guidance comes.

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