Daily Inspirational Message 03.13.19

The struggle ends when the gratitude begins

Rev. Laura Shackelford

Rev. Laura Shackelford

I read somewhere that the struggle ends when the gratitude begins and the search is over when the findings start. What we know from our teaching is that you can’t find what you want when you’re struggling to find it, but you can create it and the fast track to creating what you want is gratitude. A simple affirmation of, “Thank you God for helping me to know that all that I seek is coming to me now and for allowing me right now to feel the peace that comes with gratitude for what is.”

This peace that you feel when you’re in gratitude replaces the yearning for what is not. From that peace comes the power to be inspired to create the life you want. Today, if you catch yourself feeling anxious about anything, whether it’s health, finances, relationships, stop and just say, Thank you. Thank you for all that I have and really mean it in the moment of gratitude. You go into peace. Know that from this peace comes the power. Have a great day.

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