Dr. Laura Shackelford
Dr. Laura Shackelford Assistant Minister


Laura Ingalls Wilder said that it is the sweet, simple things of life, which are the real ones after all.

That seems so basic, so simplistic, but when we really embrace that idea in our daily life, our lives begin to change.  We begin to see that our lives are so full of wonderful things that we take for granted:  breathing, seeing, eating, our beautiful valley, our families, peace, clean water . . . and the list goes on.

So today take a look at what sweet and simple things of life that you may be looking past or over and neither seeing nor enjoying.  Really look closely.  They are probably right in front of your face, things that you’re probably taking for granted each day.  Remember, what you appreciate and pay attention to grows.  What you ignore, shrinks and goes away.  Be grateful for all of life’s simple gifts.

Have a wonderful day.

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