Thank you God for being smarter than me – Rev. Laura – 03.15.19

Daily Inspirational Message 03.15.19

Thank you God, for being smarter than me

Rev. Laura Shackelford

Rev. Laura Shackelford

If any of you’ve ever taken a class from me, you know that I’m a huge fan of Neale Donald Walsch and his conversation with God books. Neale said: “Your life has to do with the agenda that has been set for you by you, by that part of you that we’ve come to call in our language. Your soul.”

I know this has been true for me during my life. I’ve shared before that I never wanted children. I was adamant that was not going to happen. I was in shock when I got pregnant. When my son was born and they put him in my arms, I cried. I said, “Thank you God for being smarter than me.” Now, flash forward over 30 years. I’m so excited about being a grandmother. I believe that there are times when things don’t go the way we planned them.

There is a Divine intelligence within us that knows what our soul truly wants, even if we’re not conscious of it

It’s buried in our subconscious. It’s buried in our souls so deep that we aren’t even aware of it. But this intelligence knows and assists us. We teach change your thoughts, change your life, and I believe that. I teach that. I believe that applies to when things aren’t working in your life and you make a conscious decision to change the conditions. But there are times when things appear to happen that are 180 degrees contrary to what we think we want. Maybe what we were even praying for. I believe it is at those times that we have to have faith. Know that maybe we don’t understand why this is happening, but that we believe that good comes from everything because it’s all God. This loving presence knows what you really want for the evolution of your soul.

Trust that you are being led to your heart’s true desires, that you are the one calling forth all. I repeat all your experiences from the depth of your soul. Embrace them. Don’t resist them and you too will be saying, thank you God for being smarter than me. Have a fabulous Friday.

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