Michael Curcuru

This is Practitioner Michael Curcuru – Centers for Spiritual Living Palm Desert. Ernest Holmes states of attitude, we “should tend more toward an affirmative attitude of mind that is positive, stable, and-above all else-toward a real unity with Spirit that is already complete and perfect.” I’m here with today’s Dial an Idea for Wednesday, September 11th – “The Be – Attitudes.”

The Beatitudes, Jesus delivered during his Sermon on the Mount, are written in Matthew 5: 3-12. They are blessings, intended to guide us, to living, being and becoming as loving lights unto the world. The word beatitude comes from its Latin root “beatitudo” which means blessedness or good blessings. I see the word beatitude as the two words “Be” and “Attitude.” I believe our gratitude sets our attitude, and our attitude sets our altitude. Our “Be – Attitude” sets the intention for the life we desire to live.

I ask you to contemplate what “Be – Attitude(s)” are you acclaiming today? Is your “Be Attitude” aligned with the mindset, the intention, the desire you choose to harvest from your field of dreams? The key, to a bountiful harvest of as in heaven as so on earth, is to set one’s “Be – Attitude” before one opens one’s eyes to greet the dawn of a new day. The setting of our “Be – Attitude” begins by using the declarative, definitive, deliberative statement of “I Am.”

Here are some suggested “I Am” statements to set your “Be – Attitude(s)” to create your day your way.
“I Am” the “Be – Attitude” of love, life, and joy.”
“I Am” The “Be – Attitude” of bounty, beauty, and bliss.”
“I Am” the “Be – Attitude” of oneness, wholeness, and wellness.”
“I Am” the “Be – Attitude” of as in Heaven as so on earth.”

I Invite you to create your day your way by declaring your “I Am” – “Be – Attitude” here and now. Have a beautiful, blessed, and bountiful day by declaring “I Am” the “Be Attitude” of beauty, bounty, and blessing.” And, so it is. Namaste.

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