Memie Nichols
Memie Nichols RScP

All of your spiritual work is a quest for your true identity. But the self cannot be fooled! It will never suffice to merely parrot the truth, “God is all that there is; all that I am is God.” 

Belief and realization are not synonymous. When you plummet to the depths of your soul in meditation and prayer, transporting yourself beyond the apparent world of the five senses, you taste the honey of God-realization. You drink the nectar poured into the soul by the Infinite. Belief is transmuted into realization as individual consciousness merges in ecstatic oneness with the Eternal Lover of the cosmos. That for me, is it! 

I invite you to join me in choosing to live in this consciousness. The fact is you have no other choice because eventually you must wake up. Of course there is a certain level of discipline involved. Even though the lover of the universe is patient, you cannot expect it to respond to lukewarm advances! You have to do business with God by honoring your divine trust to meditate and pray on a daily basis, and to remember the Spirit in the little gaps of time throughout the day. 

Dear one, I do not say these words to induce guilt. I speak to you this way because I know what you have to look forward to, and I don’t want your divine fulfillment to be postponed one moment longer. Once you have tasted it, you will no longer see yourself simply as a separate individual participating in your relationship and the affairs of your life. Rather, you will know yourself as an emanation of God, swimming with all creation in an ocean of oneness. So today lean your whole heart into your desire for a personal and intimate at-oneness with the Spirit. If you do so, you will discover that the Infinite Presence also hungers for your love and attention. Affirmation: I know, and I know that I know that the unconditional, divine love of the Spirit is the incomparable grace of my life.

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