Daily Inspirational Message – 05.14.19

The Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha

Gail Morton

Have you heard the story of the Golden Buddha? In a nutshell, over 300 years ago, as a Burmese army planned in the cap to invade Thailand, find these monks who are in possession of an enormous treasure, a solid gold Buddha. They made a decision to protect the Buddha from being plundered. They covered it in 12 inches of clay. The Burmese attackers thinking it’s worthless ignore it, but sadly they killed the monks taking with them the hidden secret of the statute.

For over 250 years until the mid-1950s this Buddha. These Buddha existed only as a clay Buddha. Then when the five-ton statute was being moved to a new location by a crane. It began to crack. They didn’t expect it to be this heavy. Amongst, set it down, waiting for a bigger crane the next day. And covered it with a tarp to protect it from the rain.

One month in the middle of the night, a man was checking out the tarp. When he saw a reflection of glimmer through the crack and carefully began to chisel away around the crack as the glimmer grew. And then as the clay fell away, a solid gold Buddha has shown once again for the world to see. That’s an incredible story.

Where’s the Golden Buddha within you?

You see, I know there is greatness within you, within all of us, but too often it is masked and covered by previous experience. Are old patterns and beliefs as a perception of past failures and pain. I believe that if you can just find that crack, that glimmer inside and connect to that part of you. That knows you can love, even more, be more, live more, manifest more, than the rest of that old junk can follow it easily. So that you can shine your brightest because that is who you really are. The perfection of God expressing.

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