Dale Olansky RScP
Dale Olansky RScP

Joseph Campbell wrote a book called, “The Hero with A Thousand Faces”, and in that book, he wrote about the universal pattern of the hero’s journey that is found in practically every culture throughout history.

The journey begins with a call to adventure which requires one to go outside of their comfort zone, experience many trials and tribulations, and then find the gift within that allows the hero to transform into a greater life expression. Every person’s life is a hero’s journey, and most of us undertake multiple hero’s journeys throughout the course of our lifetime. The hero’s journey reveals that personal transformation is truly a divine unfolding, requiring us to traverse vast inner territory where we experience triumphs and challenges before we finally arrive at our destination.

Whenever we make a decision to follow our heart and change the course of our life, such as picking up and moving to another city, starting a totally different career, or ending a relationship, our hero’s journey begins. In order to grow and experience the vast possibilities of this life, it is imperative that we leave our comfort zone and take the journey.

One of the popular sayings of Science of Mind is “Everything always unfolds in its right and perfect way”, and the hero’s journey supports this truth. When we are traveling through this uncharted territory of a new path, if we remember this spiritual truth, we will have the fortitude and drive to complete this inner journey with faith, grace and ease until we arrive at our destination of our transformation.

As Joseph Campbell says, “Follow your bliss. Find where it is, and don’t be afraid to follow it.” This is where the hero’s journey takes us.

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