The “Ifs” are getting in our way – Dr. Joe – 07.28.18

The “Ifs” are getting in our way

Daily Inspirational Message – 07.28.18

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Dr. Joe Hooper | Spiritual Director

“If” we’re not demonstrating, perhaps “If” are robbing us of our power, “If” I think, fall into three categories. “If” of self-blame, “If” of blaming other people and “If” that blame conditions. Think about it. “If” I had only done this, “If” I had not done that and “If” have some self-condemnation that waste precious spiritual energy. Think about it. When we say, “If” he had not cheated on me. We’re holding someone else responsible for our ill fortune. When we think, “If” I have a college degree, “If” I had better health, “If” I had more money. We’re interpreting our failure to the condition.

Let’s be honest enough and courageous enough to face the truth that only our own thoughts, emotions and beliefs blocked that flow of God’s goodness into our life. Conversely, our thoughts, emotions, and conviction can channel good to us regardless of anyone or anything in the outer. We demonstrated when we affirm that with complete faith and conviction, God has blessed me with peace, health, plenty of wisdom and creative power right here and right now. Maybe the “Ifs” are getting in our way. Think about it. It could be power leaks. Something to think about. Have a great Saturday. We will talk to you tomorrow.

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