Gail Morton
Gail Morton

David Spangler, in his book The Laws of Manifestation talks about manifestation and the idea that when you think about manifesting something, you do not just think about the thing you desire, in isolation. That is because, nothing in this world is isolated or individual or by itself. There are a lot of things that are connected to you. There are also a lot of things connected to the things you are desiring to manifest. David Spangler talks about the importance of bringing all of this into your consciousness.

Here is a really good example. Visualization or holding an image is seen as a key element in traditional forms of manifestation. This is because the thought of a thing is considered to correspond to the thing itself and to attract it. The clearer the thought is, the more precise the correspondence, and the more powerful the attraction. Let’s assume this is true. Then part of the clarity of its image is not just its form but also what Spangler might call it’s systemic identify; the nature of its participation and its connection within its larger system of the world. Seeing the object of my manifestation from a holistic or from a more systemic perspective will be more accurate than just seeing what it looks like on the surface.

This systemic identity might be very simple, or it might be more complex. It might have more connections and potential consequences than we can actually visualize or might think of. Visualizing in this systemic way is being aware that what we are manifesting is more complex than just its appearance. I need to have a felt sense or insight or intuition on how that complexity enters an integrates my life. What does the object of my manifestation looks like? We want to ask who do I become if this manifestation succeeds. If I manifest this objective, what do I now look like? What is my new systemic identity? When I bring something into my life, I become a new person. I become different. I now become a person with a new spouse, a new car or a new job. The change could be minor, or it could be major. Hopefully entering into a new relationship with a new life partner has more effect upon me than getting a new pair of skates. I love this teaching around manifestation. It fits into what Dr. Joe teaches at the Center. Dr. Joe also talks about getting into the feeling tone in all that we do. Pray in our practices that we look for the tone of the feeling and seek information there.

We have to realize that our life does change when we move from having a car to not having a car or having a job to not having a job. Also, when you are thinking of the idea of holding a new job. The new job comes with all kinds of responsibility and benefits. This is why sometimes people manifest things they do not want because they do not realize that 1) their life is going to change when they get what they desire and, in the other direction, 2) they do not realize they are going to have to change in order to hold onto the things they are desiring to bring forth into existence. This is part of the journey. Some are calling things into their lives and are clueless.

Most of us are wanting things from the world that require us to change and we do not want to change, or everybody wants the world to change, but nobody wants the change to start with themselves. So going forward, when you manifest and think about the ways you think about those things you wish to call into existence, first consider the ways your life is going to change and then enter powerfully and consciously into the art of manifestation.

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