Michael Curcuru, RScP

The summers of my childhood days were spent at my great grandparent’s small-town seaside cottage. Among the memories of those lazy, playful, peaceful days was the sound of “The Noon Whistle.” It signaled a break from the fast pace routine of work.  And ushered in the peaceful calm of noon break. 

The shopkeepers pulled down the shades in their windows, the workers put their feet up, the traffic on the main road slowed, and even the gulls at sea, seemed to still their flight, to more peaceful pace.

I see Science of Mind as a “Noon Whistle” of loving compassion, and nourishing self-care. A “Noon Whistle” ushering in a time-out for mindful self-reflection. and soul centered awareness. A “Noon Whistle” of comforting, soothing, refreshing thoughts like these which open the SOM text:

Peace be unto thee stranger, enter and be not afraid. I have left the gate open and thou art welcome to my home. I have swept the heart and lighted the fire. The room is warm and cheerful, and you will find comfort and rest within……Sit and rest and refresh your soul…All, is yours, and you are welcome.

This week I invite us to make welcome “Our Noon Whistle” signaling needed time out for self-care, for nourishment of lazy, playful, peaceful days, for time to sit and rest and refresh our souls’. Namaste.

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