Cheryl Guess
Cheryl Guess RScP

Hi, this is Cheryl Guess, a Practitioner from the Center for Spiritual Living, in Palm Desert, California. 

          With the world as it is today, have you found yourself in doubt, and maybe a little fear around what is happening?  And then, you say to yourself, “but I’m in this Spiritual teaching, how did this happen?”  Without knowing why, perhaps at first, suddenly you are back in this memory room that you no longer visit, back to a place of fear and doubt.  You think you have let yourself down somehow. 

But, I have some great news for you!  You are on this planet in Human Form, to experience all that you can embody.  You are limitless, and full of potential.  And you experience all that is defined as human; the emotions and feelings, the ups and downs, all of it.  To think you let down your spiritual nature, because of something in your human nature is not possible!  There is no separation within this Energy in human form.  Everything is from One Source, One Universal Energy. You are everything that Source is, and all the abundance of the Universal Power is yours.

So, you are not alone with your feelings.  We are on the journey of Life.  Have the Spiritual courage to walk through this experience, knowing you are continuing to grow and evolve with each new situation or condition, no matter how it appears; and to keep all things in perspective.  Once we recognize what we are feeling, it gives us the opportunity to explore the belief that is creating doubt and fear.  It gives us the opportunity to continue expanding and learning more about ourselves.


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