Gail Morton
Gail Morton RScP

It feels like, no matter what contacts and communications we are having during this shelter in place, everyone has a different opinion on the way life should now work.  Have you noticed that?  When is it best for businesses to reopen?  What is the best timing for our service providers be begin reuniting with their clients and when should congregants be allowed to return to their spiritual homes?  All great questions and the range of answers, opinions and emotions can feel staggering.  I find myself pondering the best way to talk with other people who might hold radically different conclusions than I do about the way life should work without feeling overwhelmed.  How do I exchange ideas and potentially disagree, while maintaining respect and kindness in this reopening dance of Spirit?

What I have learned from The Science of Mind teachings is that, in times of uncertainty, the best thing I can do is to align with my spiritual nature, and to acknowledge and respect the divinity of others. Science of Mind never tries to be a one-size fits all mindset and instead, the teachings invite us to contemplate and then embrace the highest good not only for ourselves but for all.

What we know from science is that everything is energy, and everything is consciousness.  Dr. Ernest Holmes, in How to Change Your Life, shared with us that the Universe has gifted to each one of us an intuitive guide to right conduct.  He called that guide our conscience.  He taught that, by communing with our Divine nature, we will always be compelled in the right direction.  When we commune with the Divine Love that we are, we know that, not only is the highest and best unfolding for each and every individual,  but that the highest and best is unfolding for the collective good of all.  How refreshing it is to know, in this time of uncertainty and widely differing opinions, that the two can never, ever be separated AND the dance can never be stopped.   

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