Dale Olansky RScP
Dale Olansky RScP

In a world in which many strive for external achievement, it is challenging not to get caught up in placing our inner value on that which is outside of us. When we get the prize or the trophy, we feel great! We take the outer achievement as a reflection of how valuable we are on the inside. But what happens when we fail to win the prize for our efforts? Our world turns upside down because we mistakenly judge ourselves as being worthless.

As painful as experiences of this nature are, they open the door for us to see who we really are. It gives us the opportunity to stop identifying ourselves with labels and success and identify with our divine nature. As Ernest Holmes taught, we are expressions of God, so we are always in our greatness whether we are successful at something or not. The wholeness of life is always present; nothing can diminish it. Knowing this Truth allows us to move through experiences of “failure” and recognize our innate value that can never be taken away from us.

Dr. Tom Costa, the founder of Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert, started every service by saying, “You are a very valuable worthwhile person.” He believed it was vitally important for people to know who they intrinsically are and not define their self-worth by the world around them or their experiences.

So know how very loved you are and see yourself as valuable regardless of what you have or have not achieved in life, for you are the allness of God.

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