Gail Morton
Gail Morton RScP

With all that is going on in the world today, here are several questions I continue to ask myself. “What can I do about systemic racism?”  “What can you do about it?” “How can we all help heal a wound that has been with us for over four hundred years?” 

For me racism, at its core, is a failure to see the innate dignity and sacredness of every human being.  What I know for sure, is that the place to start deepening my understanding of the unconditional worth of every person, is within myself.   I am One as and with the Great Stream of Consciousness, and so is every human being. 

Recently, while in meditation, that voice that speaks in silence reminded me of the image of the Lite Bright set I played with as a child. It’s a perforated screen into which you insert pegs of many different colors, to create an overall shape or pattern.  Each peg looks like a separate light, but there is a secret.  Behind the screen, there is only one light that shines through every peg. This simple image reminded me that the Light of Life flowing through me is the same Light flowing through all creation, which includes every human being.  One Light, billions of pegs of various colors, creating the image of a world without racism. 

Again, recently in meditation, the voice that speaks in silence nudged me to write this Dial an Idea.  I am curious how the voice that speaks in silence is nudging you right now?

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