Memie Nichols
Memie Nichols RScP

Where you put your attention, there is your power. Why? Because where you place your attention, you invest your energy, and energy empowers your life.  The words you speak are filled with your energy. The truth contained in your words, determine their vibratory potency. To the degree that you attune yourself to the vibratory frequencies of love, compassion, truth discernment and honesty, a vibration will go froth from you that contributes to the upliftment of your own consciousness.

   You cannot fool Spiritual Law. It produces effects in exact correspondence to what is held in your consciousness. No matter in what manner of sweet or commanding tones you think or speak your words, the law instantly responds to the consciousness behind them. All language is sound vibration. The law responds not to your literal words, but to their vibratory qualities.

   Be careful even the people around you respond to your energy, which is the vibration you release from your mental and emotional inner atmosphere. Examine and ask yourself,                   “what is the vibratory content of this emotion”? What is my motive for making this statement performing this act? Will it uplift, and clarify, also is it kind and true”?

   Today be wise in investing your energy. By doing so you will reap a high yield from your spiritual bank account. The dividends will be awesome.

Affirmation:  I know that the law of life placed only one verdict on me. That I am It’s beloved expression, equip to perfectly fulfill my destiny in accordance with It’s perfect Law.    

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