Lori Savage, RScP

Nothing ever twice alike. Everything is continuously being re-created, and it literally is true that the Creative Spirit is forever making all things new. We must permit it to make them new for us.

Ernest Holmes – Creative Ideas

It is easy to forget that every moment is a fresh starting point if we continue to see the same things repeatedly in our lives or in the world. Progress is not made in a strait line it is more of a spiral – things keep coming back around until we have squeezed every drop of good out of them – Every stumbling block can be turned into a stepping stone simply by a change of perspective.

We have an amazing opportunity in this moment to reimagine our world. This a journey of the heart – not the mind. When we come from the perspective of love only, then all possibility opens before us.  Right now, is the perfect time to jump up upon the steppingstone of Truth and look out through the eyes of love and ask what is mine to do? 

As Ernest Holmes said – “everything is continuously being re-created and it is literally true that the Creative Spirit is forever making all things new.” Then the only question is what do I choose to create today? Remembering all things are created twice, first in mind then in form. It all begins with imagining the world we want to live in and the life we want to live and focusing all our attention and intention in the direction of our desires! What will you create today?

Have at it! Love Only.

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