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Transcending Everything

Gail Morton
Gail Morton

Does it feel like to you that the holiday music starts to play, and the holiday lights go up earlier every year? Even before all the Halloween decorations were down, it felt to me like store shelves were already filling up with holiday cards and decorations and… what about all the frozen hams and turkeys? I groan to myself and scurry by, not wanting to think about the festivities of December, yet.

Poet Rod McKuen said that all the commercialism of the season reminded him of the Savior and that the sooner it all went up, the sooner he was reminded. For me, remembering that the Savior is the Self, our Soul, the sights and sounds of the season become gentle reminders that “there is something in me” that transcends everything: birth, death and yes, even the commercialism of the holidays. We all feel that pull, that yearning for that something, that Self that gently guides, supports and soothes us, “that rebuilds…and reforms all of my environment” – even our attitudes about the saturation of the holidays, when we let it.

Ernest Holmes said, “There is something in me that rebuilds me and reforms all of my environment every day, and this is what Jesus came to show.” So as you move into this holiday season, try to remember that you are on a journey to Oneness, to Wholeness, transcending all; birth and death, even the holidays melt into the One.

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