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Michael Curcuru, practitioner.

Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert.

Today’s Dial an Idea – “Trespass to Treasure.”

Science of Mind marries the old, literal, fundamental interpretation of biblical quotes of the past, with

new, insightful, metaphysical interpretations, making old quotes, newly relevant to our life, times today.

Matthew 6: 12 – 14 says “Forgive us our trespass.”  From a SOM perspective, we may see the word

trespass, as meaning the trespass of unwarranted, unwanted, undeserved thoughts entering our mind.

Dr. Reverend Joe Hooper speaks of mind as a “Thoughtmosphere.”  Whatever words, thoughts, or ideas,

we choose to entertain in our “Thoughtmosphere” create and sustain the atmosphere of our out

pictured life.  For what we think about, or allow trespass into our mind, creates the life we live.

Ernest Holmes uses the term mind, to refer to what Dr. Reverend Joe calls “Thoughtmosphere, “in these

words: “We approach (life) through the mind, which enables us to know, will, and act…and thereby

…transcend conditions and demonstrate an invisible law which has power over the visible.”

Proverbs 4: 23 shares “More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it.”  As we

forgive, release, let go trespass of unwarranted, unwanted, undeserved thoughts from our mind, we

shall come to know as Ernest Holmes writes: “Only Good alone…for…Our treasure is already in heaven,

and our thoughts can take us to this treasure only when it is in accord with divine harmony and perfect


Today, and everyday of this week, I invite you to contemplate…

What’s in your “Thoughtmosphere?”

“And to think about, what you think about.”

For as we allow, only the trespass of good thoughts, through our mind,

the treasure of as so in heaven as so on earth, shall be with us all the days of our lives.

Have a beautiful, bountiful, and blessed day knowing…

that what you think about, you bring about.

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