Trust The Process – Michael Curcuru – 06.07.19

Daily Inspirational Message – 06.07.19

Trust The Process

Trust the process that’s todays Dial An Idea. I’m practitioner Michael Curcuru. Ernest Holmes shares to trust this way. Learn to trust life, the rising sun, the flowing stream, and the budding rose. Trust the process.

In the play Annie, they sing, the Sun will come out tomorrow. That’s trusting in the process of the rising sun, but it’s putting the results of the process off until tomorrow, off until the future of another day. In the Science of Mind, we trust the process of the rising sun, but we also accept the knowledge that the sun is rising somewhere in the world right here, right now and always. We trust the process and we accept the results of the process as perfect, whole and complete right now.

Ernest Holmes shares to learn to trust in the flowing stream. And here I suggest you may be speaking of the flowing stream of consciousness or what Science of Mind calls but the thing itself. The process of the flowing stream of consciousness is the time that takes each of us to awaken to its ever-unfolding presence in our lives. As we awaken to this stream of consciousness ever present in our lives, we learned to direct with a thought, a word, a feeling, or an action. And as we direct it, it is so reflected in our lives as Holmes shares, learn the trust in the budding rose in the process we learned to trust is that of seed, soil, and plant of which we are so familiar with in Science of Mind. Now that’s today’s Dial An Idea.

Trust the process of the rising sun

The streams of consciousness, of a budding rose boost. I challenge you today to find an area in your life where you can better trust the process and come to a knowing beyond knowing, the process is perfect, whole, complete right now. Have a great, grand and glorious day.

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