Rev. Brad Wentker
Rev. Brad Wentker

Hello. This Rev. Brad Wentker. Staff Minister at Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert.

Every morning, in my spiritual practice, I read from 365 Science of Mind – A Year of Daily Wisdom from Ernest Holmes. (The founder of the Science of Mind teachings.) My current copy of this book is two years old. I often highlight while I read and I’d like to share today’s reading, and just read what I’ve already highlighted from the last couple of years.

It is only as we let go of the lesser that we can take hold of the greater. Now we must permit our consciousness, through faith, to rise to a greater and deeper realization of the divine Presence forever delivering Its nature to us. Today I guard my thought and speech. I turn resolutely to that divine Source that knows no confusion, to that spiritual Center within me that knows no fear.

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. I’ve taken classes at Centers for Spiritual Living for years. And if I could sum up it all up. It would be that last line. Turn resolutely to that spiritual Center within me that knows no fear. And we need to do that religiously. No pun intended.

Daily, I invite you call this recording, then sit in the silence. Turn resolutely within. To that spiritual Center within. Everything you desire is there. Because in that quite place between your breaths, God is.


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