Daily Inspirational Message 03.15.19

We cannot be the same people we are today

We cannot be the same people we are today - Dale Olansky - 03.14.19

Dale Olansky

In the Science of Mind, Dr. Ernest Holmes teaches us to accept the reality that we are creating through our prayer work. It isn’t just enough to say, yes, this is what I would like to have happened in my life. I’m going to speak my word and just let it go. We also have to be able to accept that improvement that we’re making in our lives. Accepted as our experiences, our new reality, and this requires us to accept growth and expansion.

It requires us to step out of the life that we’ve been living in, the conditions that we have been living in and go to a higher level and to be able to listen to the place where we don’t have a struggle. We don’t have strife, but where we have the peace and the harmony and the joy, the abundance, the creativity or loving relationships that are the life of our dreams. And so praying and dreaming and all of that wonderful stuff that allows us to make changes to our lives requires us to change ourselves because we cannot be the same people we are today.

We want to have a different life tomorrow

We have to become that new life. And we have to expand ourselves and accept a greater good in our lives than we’ve ever accepted before. It’s crucial for us to open up our minds to be more, to live more, to experience greater, and to become the greater that we are that’s nestled within us.

Remember, when you’re creating your dreams, when you’re doing your prayer work, accept those things, accept those realities as your way of being, as your new normal, as your new experience. Because you know in your heart what you would like to experience and when you claim it, accept it and know that with that acceptance it is your new reality. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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