What gets you up in the morning?

Daily Inspirational Message – 02.06.19

William Conway, RScP

William Conway, RScP

Hello, I’d like to know what are you passionate about? What gets you up in the morning? What gets you excited? Hello, my name is William Conway. I’d like to know what gets that extra little bounce in your step? That is spirit expressing through you and as you. You’ve heard these terms before but what does it really mean? It means that not only are you a part of the spirit, but you are spirit inaction and the purpose is an ever greater expansion. In an ever greater expression of itself, expressing through you. Allow those feelings to spread. They go to other areas of your life, finances, relationships. You’ve heard it all before, but it’s true.

Spirit has the need and the will to express by means of you. Listen to your heart. It is the best company. It directs you to a greater unfoldment of your potential. Allow yourself to live in that unknowingness, that we sometimes see ourselves in, that is the moment of great potential. Allow that to be cultivated. You will see that what you focus on will flourish. People and situations are attracted to you, based upon your feelings and passion. So allow this day to be a most wonderful day. Allow the excitement of this day to fill your heart. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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