Daily Inspirational Message – 05.13.19

What Is Courage?

Where you could push forward in your own life - Sara - 05.13.19

Sara Snow

Today I want to talk to you about courage. What is courage? How can we use it in your own life? Everyone has their own unique set point and what they can personally grow. Some people are easy to speak in front of people. It’s easy to get ahead in life. It’s easy to have those hard conversations than in other areas. Other things could be hard for them and vice versa, but we each have our own unique set of fears that hold us back.

Today, I give you the task of examining yourself and where you could push forward in your own life. Where you could find that courage to move past whatever is holding you back. Whether it’s having that tough conversation or being vulnerable or switching jobs. Go past that comfort zone because that’s where true growth happens. It’s your own personal journey. You sit in silence long enough and you will find very easily.

What is it you want? What it is you aren’t achieving and where you need to grow?

Ernest Holmes says “Fear brings failure and faith brings success.” It’s just that simple. When you know that the Universe is on your side and supports you completely in everything that you want to accomplish. You take that faith with you and to every situation, I promise you will grow in all the ways you want to.

Today, extend your life with that courage. Move past that fear with that faith. Have a beautiful week.

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