What is love actually? – Gail Morton – 02.011.19

What is love actually?

Daily Inspirational Message – 02.011.19

What is love actually? - 02.011.19

Gail Morton

Welcome to Monday’s dial an idea. This is the Gail Morton with my idea of the day. It’s all love actually. Rev. Laura shared a corresponding message yesterday. That love is love. It got me thinking. If love is love and what is love actually? Well, it’s all love actually because there was an undercurrent of Divine love. It sustains all existence and stimulates and urges are the individual’s desire to both give and receive love.

It’s all love actually because the blessing in our relationship is, that they mirror back to us are more ethos qualities as well as our neuroses. Relationships are actually where we grow together in mutual support to bring us closer to the truth of who we are so that we can choose spiritual growth. It’s all well actually because when your relationships are healthy, we no longer seek relationships that make you happy. Instead, you bring your happiness to your relationship.

Instead of asking, where can I find someone to love me? You begin to ask, how can I radiate more love into my relationship? so deeply knowing that it is all love actually. Today, start with yourself by asking what is truly lovable about me. Celebrate those things right now. Remember That spirit is always celebrating you and everything about you every moment. Thanks for listening.

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