Rev. Rebecca

Welcome to Dial An Idea for Wednesday.  I am Rev Rebecca.

Today’s Idea for Spiritual Contemplation is- What is the nature of your self-talk?  What are you ready to change in the way you speak to yourself?

You may find the worst enemy or the best friend in yourself.  English Proverb.

Are you aware of your self-talk?  How much judgment, sarcasm, compassion, or self-pity goes on in your thinking.  Listen to some of the things you say to yourself.  Are you repeating some of the things you heard said to you as a child?  How often do you say unkind things to yourself?  How often does this thought flow through your mind, “I just knew something like this would happen.  It always does.”

You would be appalled if someone else said these same things to someone you loved!  If you had a friend who spoke to you the way you speak to you, he would probably longer be your friend.  Speak as kindly, supportively, and truthfully to yourself as you would want another to speak to you.

Use your self -talk as another place to be positive and affirm what you want to experience in life.

My affirmation for today is:

I speak lovingly and with kindness to myself.  I speak positively and compassionately about my self and others.

And So It Is.


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