Daily Inspirational Message 03.19.19

What is the truth?

Ernest Holmes said: “Stay with the one and never deviate from it. Never leave it for a moment. Nothing else can equal this solitude to desert. The truth in our hour of need is to prove that we do not know the truth when things look the worst. That is the supreme moment in which to demonstrate to ourselves so that there’s no obstruction in the operation of truth. When things look the worst, it’s the best time to work. The most satisfying time. The person who can throw himself with complete abandon into the limitless receptivity, having cut loose from all apparent moorings is the one who will always receive the greatest reward.”

This is arguably one of my favorite quotes from the Science of Mind tech. I keep it in the hip pocket of my mind and I pull it out whenever an experience comes up that appears to be less than good. The most dramatic example of this was last year when my mom passed away unexpectedly and suddenly. We were very close. And at that moment when I got the news, I felt as if I was falling into a sea of darkness in grief. My first thought and experience were very primal, but within that first few moments, I was able to ask myself. What is true? what do I believe? And I thought of this quote and my experience shifted to one that was like the truth. Cradling my grief and loss and whispering all as well.

By asking that simple question, what is the truth?

In any given situation, and I don’t mean factual truth. I mean spiritual Truth with the capital “T”. I can instantly bring myself back to know that love is at the center of every experience. Even when it appears does seem to suggest the contrary. It pops me out of whatever’s happening in my life and brings me home to an understanding that God is all there is. Knowing I can remember the truth and remember who I am in times of difficulty is the greatest gift I’ve received from this teaching. What is the truth? It’s a simple question, but it’s a question that immediately cuts me free from all apparent moorings. A parent is the keyword and reminds me that I’m always swimming in a sea of limitless receptivity. That is for me.

The next time something shows up for you, that feels less than what you want to experience. Try asking the simple question, what is the truth? Answer with the spiritual principle. God is all there is. See what happens. Namaste.

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