Rev. Rebecca Ventrakaman

Welcome to Dial An Idea for Tuesday. I am Rev Rebecca. Todays Idea for Spiritual contemplation is-What does your bumper sticker say? Labels are for filing. Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people. -Martina Navratilova

Our challenge in spiritual awakening is to see ourselves without labels and reveal the greater Truth of our spiritual beings, both to ourselves and to others. When we become still enough to experience this Truth we find the entire universe pulsating with the energy of love and intelligence. As we allow this energy to flow through our thoughts, words and actions, we find it will erase the false labels and shine forth from within us.

We can recognize and affirm that we are created as an expression of loving energy of the Universe. We can ask ourselves, what is the kindest, most loving thing I can say or do right now? Acting, in answer to this question will remove any false labels.

My affirmation for today is: Divine love flows through me and I let it speak through my thoughts , words, and actions. My life flourishes and I am blessed in all areas of my relationships. And So It Is. Amen

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