Worry is a magnet for problems

Daily Inspirational Message – 08.31.18

Worry is a magnet for problems - Rev. Laura - 08.31.18

Rev. Laura Shackelford

Hi! Have you noticed that we’re living in a time of upheaval on a global scale? Political wars, erratic weather, fires, and hurricanes? Also, more and more people are seeing changes in their personal lives as well. It’s the nature of the world we live in today.

Are you experiencing upheaval in your life right now? Any problem you are facing today is going to go away unless you worry them to stay. Worry is a magnet for problems. If you just let it be, the current worrisome condition will not even be part of your life in a short time. If you worry enough about it, you can be sure it will stick around.

Worrying is like putting fertilizer on a plant, watering it and then watching it grow. Rather than worrying, move with grace in the face of any problem. Every problem brings you an incredible opportunity for growth. Turn it over to God and then breath. Relax and know with confidence that all things will work out for you. Have a great day.

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