Dr. Laura Shackelford
Dr. Laura Shackelford Assistant Minister

I just want to remind you today that you are deeply loved by God.  Do you know that?  Do you really know that and believe that?  Because if you really do, you will move through life without fear.  You will know that only Perfection can occur. I realize that sometimes things occur that don’t look perfect, but it is only a matter of perspective.

Our Abundance Committee last fall came up with the Giving Campaign entitled “2020 Vision.”  At that time we never imagined what was ahead of us in 2020.  We envisioned that it was going to be an incredible year – a new Associate Minister and then six new ministers.  What could go wrong?  From a spiritual perspective, nothing has gone wrong.  The Universe has given us an opportunity to hit the pause button and contemplate where we want to go. 

We, as humanity, have the gift of 2020 vision and also 2020 hindsight.  We live in a universe of infinite possibilities.  This moment is perfect to look at life and what hasn’t been working and plant the seeds  of ideas for the future on how you want your life and all life on this planet to unfold.  Nourish those ideas like seeds by watering them with love and positive thoughts.

Be patient and give it time because those ideas will show themselves for sure, and then you will smile and be amazed at how it all plays out.  In the meantime, trust that Perfection is there always and in all ways.  This is the Truth.  This is what we believe.  And so it is!

Have a fabulous weekend.

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