Memie Nichols
Memie Nichols RScP

   In my estimation true heroes are those who refuse to give up on the part they have been created to play, they have been created to play on the stage of life. They go for there dream no matter what obstacles appear in their path. I am saying this to you. Don’t ever give up on your vision.

   When you go to bed at night, or just awaken in the morning, when all is yet still in your environment, I know sometimes you sense Gods intention for your life. You see through the illusions common to the human experience. The thin veil of unseeing is rent asunder and you see God’s vision for your life. It is than that you no longer cling to the conspiracy of human definitions that seek to convince you to give up, to believe there is not enough good to go around. You rise above all this and realize  that you are surrounded by spiritual idea. There comes a breakthrough, a recognition of the blueprint of excellence which is the Real Self. Then the prophets of gloom and doom take up no space in your mental household. You become a glorious agent of transformation in your own life and in the lives of others.

   Today continue to nourish your dreams. Hold fast to your vision and do something everyday to bring it into manifestation. Everything is possible in God, because God is the Infinite Possibility within everything. Know that you are God’s beloved in whom God is well pleased. Never giving up on yourself is what it taes to be your own hero.

Affirmation: Awake in the cosmic dream, I fashion my life according to Spirit’s perfect vision of me as its individualized expression.

                                             Memie Nichols RScP

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