Daily Inspirational Message 03.21.19

You can always produce a new way of thinking

Cheryl Guess

Cheryl Guess

Do you know people in your life that are always blaming? Blaming circumstances or heredity or the environment they grew up in as the reason that their life is not unfolding the way they desire it to be?

They seem to use this as an excuse to be defeated and to remain in an unfulfilled existence. But the good news is you can always produce a new way of thinking. A new way of thinking will change the way your life unfolds. You have to act with authority upon your world and to create a life of harmony and joy. You are not a victim, you are a victor. Walk with faith. Visualize what you desire in your life and with bright thinking. You unlock the door to happiness. You also unblocked the spiritual flow that is a natural part of your existence. Just remember, your consciousness needs to be shaken up. Cleaned out, and put an order just like your house does. According to Raymond Charles Barker.

Every day, you have to think about this. I refuse to be an average person with mediocre results in life. I desire to live in heaven on earth and ever evolving. Growing with each new adventure I experienced by mistake.

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