Daily Inspirational Message 03.22.19

You’ll never be free from problems until…

Rev. Laura Shackelford
Michael Singer in The Untethered Soul says, “You’ll never be free from problems until you are free from the part within you that has so many problems.”

When a problem is disturbing you don’t ask, what should I do about it? Ask what part of me is being disturbed by this. If you ask, what should I do about it? You’ve already fallen into believing there really is a problem outside that must be dealt with. This is such great advice. Usually, when something is bothering us, it just takes over our minds. It can become all-consuming. Our minds just start spiraling out of control.

If we would just stop and look inside of ourselves and ask, what part of us believes this is the problem? Or what part of us is afraid and why? We would see that it’s our monkey mind at work.
Thank God that there is that sacred part of us, the “I am”. That is always at peace.

You have the wisdom and power within you to handle everything in your life from that place of teeth. Knowing that everything has to be good because it’s all God. God looked at all of it that it created and said, it’s good. It is very good. God didn’t say, this is good and this isn’t. Today, see with the eyes of God and know that everything is good. It is very good. Have a fabulous Friday.

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  1. Susan Prator on March 24, 2019 at 1:49 am


    We always need this reminder to cope with or approach things that upset us.

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